2017 Wild Game Dinner March 11

March 11th, 2017 is our next Wild Game Dinner. Registration Starts at 4:30 and Dinner is at 5:30.

Tickets are available through the church office.

What’s not to like about a gathering of over 300 hunters, endless food including such palate-delighting dishes as white pheasant chili, smoked salmon dip, venison sausage, rabbit pot pie, buffalo stroganoff, roasted wild Russian boar, and mountain lion with blueberry chutney, hunting-themed games, countless prizes and drawings for cool hunting gear, and a clear Gospel message?

Well, that is our annual FBC Wild Game Dinner and then some . . . each year near the end of winter and beginning of spring, FBC puts on a tremendous feast of exotic and back-woods dishes surrounded by games of skill, trivia contests, a shooting range, prizes, vendors, and evening hunting seminars. Why do we do it? Because though the night is themed around hunting and wild game, the most important part is the time set aside for the presentation of the Gospel. The many hours of preparation, the countless prayers offered, and the invitations given are the ministry of the people of FBC to so that folks will hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

So, the goal is to invite the lost, to get the ones who might never set foot inside a church apart from an event like this to come out to FBC and hear the truth of God’s Word. Know someone that might be interested in coming? The tickets are cheap, the food is delightful, the activities are exciting, and the event is one-of-a-kind—so come on out and enjoy a wild game dinner with us!

Check below for the dates of the next Wild Game Dinner along with contact info to order tickets (If tickets are not for sale yet, your name and contact info will be taken and we will notify you when tickets do go on sale).

2015 Wild Game Dinner Date: March 5th, 2016

To order tickets, please contact the church office