CHILDREN – You have them, we love them! FBC is truly family friendly . . . from our nursery to our many age-appropriate Sunday school classes and junior church classes to our PeeWee and Patch the Pirate Clubs, there is something for every age. Click the link to find out all about our Children’s Ministries!

YOUTH4TRUTH – Teenager, get plugged in! During the ever-changing and crucial teen years, it is crucial that teenagers have a sturdy foundation of Biblical truth; and it helps to have some friends who love the Lord just like you do! That is what our youth program, Youth4Truth, is all about—with a dynamic and exciting Wednesday service just for teens, a weekly Sunday school hour with practical teaching, and a myriad of activities designed just for teens, you don’t want to miss it. Click on the link see all the happenings for Youth4Truth!

HEARTKEEPERS – Calling all ladies! FBC desires to help you as you minister to your families, and as a fruition of that desire, we invite you to come be a part of our many Heartkeepers activities. These activities are designed to provide you with what you need to be a Godly woman after God’s own heart! You will enjoy great teaching on personal holiness and help for the home, while also experience that one of a kind fellowship with fellow believers. So come . . . growth, fellowship, laughter, friendships, and God-honoring events await you—just click on the link to join in!

YOUNG AT HEART – Primetime at its best! For all those whose outside may be showing a little “wear & tear” but inside are still as young as ever, we have the group for you. This group includes seasoned saints, empty-nesters, senior saints, etc., and enjoy quarterly activities and excursions from a “color tour” to a “Thanksgiving Luncheon” to a “Game Night” to a “Night with the Symphony” and many other exciting, fun activities full of fellowship with other believers.

OUTREACH – One Life, One Mission. What does this mean? Well, as individual Christians and as a local church, we believe that our Heavenly Father has given each of us the mission to see the world won to Christ. So how do we do it? Through our weekly outreach programs: click on the link to find out about our week times of church-wide visitation and our weekly bus ministry.

RU Recovery Program – Hope in a time of hopelessness. If you or someone you know is imprisoned to an addiction, there is God-given hope! Our RU Recovery Program has the Bible-based answers that can help you or a loved one win the victory over any addiction. How do you start getting the victory over addiction? Click on the link and find out!

FOSTORIA BAPTIST ACADEMY – School is in session! In 2008, the Lord led Fostoria Baptist Church to establish the academy for the Christian education of our children. Enrollment is open to the children or grandchildren of faithful members of FBC or of the faithful members of any like-minded, approved local church. Enrollment begins in March, but anytime is a great time to click on the link to find out more info about the school.